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Equipment: Water Flow Regulators
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Description: Water Flow Regulators. The Leading Water Flow Regulator Worldwide Wittmann-The leading global manufacturer of peripherals for the Plastics Processing industry worldwide offers superior class of Water Flow Regulators for Injection Molding Machines & Blow molding machines. - Wittmann is the the Leading supplier of Water Flow Regulator Worldwide - Why you should use Wittmann Water Flow Regulators: Instant indication of blocked mold cooling circuits avoids producing bad parts. Consistent part shrinkage through precise, repeatable mold temperature control. Adjustable sight tube rings show flow deviation and allow fast flow settings. - Used by most of the European machine manufacturers - These are the best built, most reliable Water Flow Regulators available! Wittmann Water Flow Regulators are loaded with features such as: - Easier to Clean The Wittmann Water Flow Regulators are Exceptionally easy to clean. A top access cap is Simply removed and a brush (provided) quickly Cleans the tubes without removing them. - Easier to Remove Individual sight tubes can be easily removed And reseated, if necessary. Precision O-rings Positively seal the sight glass, absolutely Leakproof even under maximum loads. - User Friendly Display Series 101: The essential device for your plastics processing machines. For open and closed cooling circuits. Flow volume is indicated in accordance with the float measuring principle: a cone is lifted by the water flowing in the return of the mold circuit. Flow range per circuit: Standard 0-10 l / min. Series 301: The optimum flow regulator for large injection molding and blow molding machines: Its low pressure makes it suitable for highest flow volumes. However, by means of a special design of the regulating valves, excellent regulation and Accurate reproduction of cooling water volume and temperature in the different mold circuits can also be achieved for low flow volumes. Flow range per circuit: Standard 0-30 l / min. Series 200 / 230 Brass Water Flow Regulator: The upper and lower blocks as well as the manifolds are made of brass for high temperatures and pressures. Temperature max. 100 Deg. C. Pressure max. 16 bar. Flow range per circuit: Series 200 0-10 l / min Series 230 0-30 l / min Series 401: The ideal unit specially designed for the smaller range of injection molding machines up to approx. 80 tons locking force. Flow range per circuit: Standard 0-8 l / min.
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