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Equipment: Plastic Drying Machinery
Equipment Type: Plastic Special Equipment -> Others
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Description: Plastic Drying Machinery. Dry Air Dryers for Plastic Resin / Granules from Wittmann Wittmann-The leading global manufacturer of peripherals for the Plastics Processing industry worldwide offers Superior range of Dry Air Dryers for Plastic Resin. With 30 Years of Experience In the raw material drying field for injection molding and extrusion, Wittmann offers the complete range of solutions for the Plastics processors. DRYMAX Compressed Air Dryer Series For small material throughputs up to 10 KG / h. DRYMAX Compact Dry Air Dryers for plastic processing machines with small to medium material throughputs up to 65 KG / h. DRYMAX High Performance Battery Dry Air Drying Systems for the modular connection of various SILMAX intelligent drying hopper units with integrated SMARTFLOW valves for automatic airflow control and adjustment for different materials and fluctuating material demands.
Recipient: Mr. Seetha Raman Company: WITTMANN BATTENFELD INDIA PVT LTD
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